Motion Release is based in the UK as part of Sloane Psychology ltd but our team can travel to different locations around the world to deliver our workshops at your company premises or in other suitable places. To date, Motion Release workshops have been offered in the UK, in France, in Italy and in Greece.

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Sloane Psychology
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Sloane Psychology

Sloane Psychology is a private psychology clinic in the heart of London in Belgravia. At Sloane Psychology we offer effective and evidence-based psychological treatments that are carefully tailored in order to address our patients’ specific needs and goals. The therapies offered are CBT, Schema Focused Therapy, Psychodynamic therapy, EMDR and Humanistic Therapy.

At Sloane Psychology we work with patients who present with:

Depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, trauma, phobias, eating disorders, loss, relationship difficulties, existential worries, work-related stress and coping with illness.

We also help people manage everyday situations that might feel challenging at times. For example, some clients may be faced with life transitions and dilemmas that they need to explore, or they may need a space to reflect upon their parenting skills, their interpersonal relationships, career path etc. Finally, individuals may seek therapy for personal development.

Each session lasts for 50 minutes. Clients may engage in short-term or long-term therapy depending on their needs and goals for therapy.

We welcome referrals for patients who are over 18 years old. We are registered therapy providers with most health insurance companies.

Psychology and Psychotherapy

Most individuals may suffer from depression or an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives. Others may have to deal with overwhelming emotions stemming from a traumatic event such as losing someone they love, illness, domestic violence, bullying at work, divorce etc. Psychology and psychotherapy sessions offer clients a safe space where they can reflect upon their symptoms and what causes them. Starting from a place of awareness and willingness to change, they develop with the help of the psychologist a plan for change based on their unique life experiences and values.


Upon completion of therapy, most clients have either overcome their difficulties or are better able to manage their symptoms. They may have also found some answers to those questions that triggered or maintained their anxiety and depression. Following therapy, individuals feel better equipped to face life with its ups and downs, thus they are more resilient.

Dr Tina Grigoriou, PsychD

Chartered Psychologist

Dr Grigoriou, the founder of Sloane Psychology, offers both short-term and long- term therapy based on the patient’s needs for therapy. She has worked both for the NHS and in Private Practice and she is trained in CBT, Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Schema Focused therapy and EMDR.


Dr Grigoriou is a chartered psychologist registered with the HCPC. She obtained her Doctorate (PsychD) in 2007 after successfully completing the Doctorate Practitioner Programme in Counselling and Psychotherapeutic Psychology at the University of Surrey in the UK. She has also trained as a dance and movement psychotherapist and holds a Diplôme Superieure in Dance Therapy awarded by Schola Cantorum in Paris.


She values helping her patients develop an improved relationship towards themselves and with others. She believes that therapy can help individuals gain so much more than just overcoming their symptoms…It can actually help them define or redefine their purpose in life so that they fully engage with it in a present, embodied and mindful way.


Dr Grigoriou offers face-to-face psychology sessions in London, SW1W 9BJ. She also offers therapy via skype.

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