Motion Release is based in the UK as part of Sloane Psychology ltd but our team can travel to different locations around the world to deliver our workshops at your company premises or in other suitable places. To date, Motion Release workshops have been offered in the UK, in France, in Italy and in Greece.

Motion Release


Motion Release 1
Moving together
towards emotional wellness
Let your body talk
Are you willing to move and are you
ready to connect?
The ``moving`` movement

Motion Release

Motion Release is a practice that evolved in order to help individuals to reconnect to the visceral part of their existence and to every living and breathing molecule in their body. Through motion, participants release and express what holds them back, what keeps them isolated and stuck.

Motion Release also invites them to expand their connection to themselves in interacting meaningfully and with intention with others and their environment. This leads to unique moments of creation and co-creation, it enriches their imagination and makes them feel fully alive. In those moments participants connect in a profound way, they don’t just think about humanity: They embody their humanity. The revelations that occur during Motion Release sessions are ultimately put into words, they are processed and internalized by the participants.

A Holistic Approach

Motion Release is a practice informed by third-wave cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, and dance/movement therapy. It is a holistic approach that values both physical and psychological movement. The main objectives of this practice are to create, through movement, psychological flexibility, emotional expression and connection to ourselves and with others. Moving bodies and flexible minds can help us move with purpose and direction.

During a Motion Release session participants participate in verbal and movement exercises that inform one another allowing for deeper insight and holistic processing. The power of the group strengthens the Motion Release experience and equally, this practice strengthens the group. Gratitude, empathy, compassion, and connection are reinforced as people participate in a relational experience that is provided within a safe space created by the facilitator. People have a chance to look at each other as human to human in the unfolding process of life with its ups and downs.

An All-Inclusive Practise

Motion Release is an all-inclusive practice as participants of all abilities can move within their own natural ability and range. All gestures and movements are valuable, starting from the rise and falling of our chest whilst breathing all the way to complex patterns of movement or dance.

All you need for Motion Release is to come as you are, although comfortable clothing is required so that you move as you wish. No dance skills required, just a willingness to explore your own dance/movement that comes from within.