Motion Release is based in the UK as part of Sloane Psychology ltd but our team can travel to different locations around the world to deliver our workshops at your company premises or in other suitable places. To date, Motion Release workshops have been offered in the UK, in France, in Italy and in Greece.

Corporate Wellness


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Promoting physical,
emotional and social wellness
Let your body talk
Healthy corporate organisations
The corpus in the corporate

Corporate Wellness

Physical, emotional and social wellness are the main components of corporate wellness. Motion Release addresses all three components simultaneously. It is a holistic practice that energizes the moving body, helps employees feel connected to their colleagues and enables them to release and process their emotions.

Today more than anytime in the past, corporate organizations need holistic wellness and resilience-building programs as detachment, work-related stress and loneliness affect a big percentage of their employees leading to work absenteeism, mental health problems, reduced engagement, and low performance.

Feeling & Embodying our Humanity

Most people working in an office spend most time staring at an inanimate object…their computer or the mobile phone. This eventually reduces their perspective, their creativity, and imagination. They end up feeling isolated, lost, detached and robotic. Imagine what it feels like creating a mindful personal and a greater general kinesphere by being present in our bodies and expanding our awareness to include other people around us. This means moving out of our heads and employing our whole being in relating to the world and others. In those moments we are a complete organism that relates to others in a profound way, we don’t just think about humanity: We feel our humanity, we are alive and connected to the world. We are human beings rather than human doings.

The Corpus in the Corporate….or else why the Body matters in the Corporate world

Etymologically the word Corporate stems from the latin corpus which means body. The word body is in the very essence and at the heart of corporate. It is about many bodies becoming one, working together towards the same goal, dancing the same dance as harmoniously as possible.

Let’s go back to the roots of what corporate means, let’s connect to our bodies to develop a shared ‘choreograpy’ embracing your company’s values whilst respecting the individuality of each of your employees. By paying attention to every single member of the team you build a strong body for your company…a solid foundation that moves with flexibility.

Moving bodies and flexible minds

Whether you adopt Motion Release workshops as part of an ongoing wellness program for your team, as a single transformative intervention or as the kick-off to a successful Away-Day, our holistic all-inclusive interventions will help your organization and your employees to move with direction and intention. Moving bodies house flexible minds.