Motion Release is based in the UK as part of Sloane Psychology ltd but our team can travel to different locations around the world to deliver our workshops at your company premises or in other suitable places. To date, Motion Release workshops have been offered in the UK, in France, in Italy and in Greece.

About Us

Dr Tina Grigoriou


Dr Tina Grigoriou (PsychD in Counselling and Psychotherapeutic Psychology)
Chartered Psychologist accredited by the British Psychological Society and registered with the Health Professions Council (UK).

Dr Grigoriou is a chartered psychologist and dance/movement therapist. She has worked as a psychologist both for the National Health System in the UK and in Private Practice. She has been providing a range of psychological therapies to individuals, couples and groups for the last 17 years. She is trained in CBT, EMDR, psychodynamic, humanistic, Schema therapy and Dance/Movement therapy. Her patients present with a range of difficulties including depression, anxiety disorders, trauma, work related stress, eating disorders, relationship problems etc.

Dr Grigoriou is the founder of Sloane Psychology ltd where she currently offers individual therapy. Her passion and curiosity of how she could be most helpful when working with individuals and groups led her to explore Dance and Movement Psychotherapy, as an adjunctive or independent treatment for her clients. She obtained a Diplôme Supérieure in Dance/Movement Therapie from Schola Cantorum in Paris. Through studying, practicing and engaging with this psychotherapeutic model, she realised the healing value of a holistic approach that integrates our body and mind. By running groups in London and Paris, she witnessed the transformative power stemming from interventions that involve people moving together in a state of flow.

Dr Grigoriou further explored these observations by successfully developing a unique intervention for an international retail company that employed traumatised individuals. This intervention helped the traumatised employees to build their resilience and confidence. The positive outcome of this intervention inspired her to develop emotional wellness and resilience building programmes for corporate organisations where detachment, work-related stress and loneliness affect a big percentage of their employees leading to work absenteeism, mental health problems, reduced engagement and low performance. By combining third wave cognitive therapy and dance/movement therapy she created her own unique programme that she named Motion Release. Her corporate clients declared the benefits of this approach both at an individual and team level. She also runs similar programmes for wellness retreats where clients rate the dance/movement sessions as one of the most powerful and transformative experiences of these retreats.

Dr Grigoriou is passionate about helping people to connect to themselves and with others. Self-expression, creativity, sharing, flowing, developing, playing, learning and moving are the core ingredients/values of her philosophy and practice. She can’t wait to share these with you in movement and with words!

Dr Dimitri Spiliotis


Dr Dimitri Spiliotis (PsychD in Counselling and Psychotherapeutic Psychology)
is a Chartered Psychologist accredited by the British Psychological Society and registered with the Health Professions Council (UK).

Dr Spiliotis is a chartered psychologist with clinical experience in various health settings within the NHS as a lead psychologist, and privately for the last 15 years. Alongside his clinical role he provides training to doctorate students in Counselling Psychology, and has conducted and published original research on social stigma and mental health, and on the bio-psycho-social impact of long-term health conditions.

He is trained as an integrative therapist in person-centred, psychodynamic, and cognitive behaviour therapy – CBT. He is also trained and specialises in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and mindfulness. He works with adults and has clinical experience with individuals and couples, and provides psycho-education and supervision to groups. His patients present with a wide range of difficulties including depression; anxiety; low self-esteem; relational difficulties; suicidal ideation; sexual difficulties, adjustment to health conditions; bereavement; work related stress; adjustment disorders etc.

His emphasis is on co-creating close and caring relationships with clients helping them gain psychological insights to their experiences, and develop more effective approaches to meet their needs and those around them. His focus has been on enabling clients to identify and cultivate their own values in areas such as intimate relationships, family, friendships, relationship with self, health, and work.

He has also trained in Organisational psychology (MSc) and has been involved in the development of clinical services in the NHS, and experiential training programs for international organisations in the UK and abroad on developing psychological skills.

Our Team

There is a team of associate facilitators that assist Dr Grigoriou run Motion Release workshops depending on the country where these take place. Our associates are psychologists, dance movement therapists, personal coaches and dancers. Our experts are chosen to match the specific requirements of each bespoke workshop or training programme.

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